Herbert T. Baily Memorial Fund for Nurses Recovering from Illness or Injury

RNFOO was selected by the Ministry of the Attorney General for Ontario to manage a legacy left by Herbert T. Baily, to support nurses who are no longer able to work in their chosen field.  Applications may be submitted to The Herbert T. Baily Memorial Fund for Nurses Recovering from Illness or Injury  at any time.  In this initial stage, applicants will be notified of the date that applications will be reviewed after they have registered to apply.

Please note the criteria for eligibility:  

    1. Applicants must provide proof of registration and current or previous status with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)
    2. Applicants must provide a 'statement of need'.  Click here to see what should be included in this document. 
    3. Applicants must be unable practice because of an impairment and therefore unable return to their previous position or workplace. 
    4. Applicants must have a reasonable expectation that they will be able work in an area of nursing for which they are in need of some kind of re-training.
    5. Applicants currently receiving WSIB benefits are not eligible for grants from this fund.
        5a. Applicants who have received WSIB support in the past will be required to provide documentation that they are no longer receiving WSIB benefits
    6. Applicants must be enrolled in, or have recently completed a course and must provide supporting documents:
          Proof of acceptance into a nursing or related course
                  proof of payment for the program.
    7. Applicants must disclose funding from other sources (Support from other sources will not necessarily make applicants ineligible for a grant from this fund.)
    8. Applicants may apply more than once. However, preference will be given to those who have not received a previous grant from this fund.  Herbert T Baily Fund grants will be $1000, which may be used to cover course fees and any incidental costs such as books, transportation, or childcare.

If you wish to apply, you must register through the login box.  When your registration is submitted, you will be sent a message containing detailed instructions for the on-line application form.  If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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